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At least seven killed in hostage crisis (via Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News)

Posted on: August 23, 2010

At least it was over! A big threat to the Aquino administration!

By Mynardo Macaraig, Agence France Presse and  Yahoo! Southeast Asia (UPDATE 23) Philippine security forces stormed a bus full of Hong Kong tourists on Monday to end a dramatic hostage crisis that unfolded live on global television, leaving at least seven people and the gunman dead. Hong Kong eventually issued its top-level black travel alert for the Philippines on Monday after Hong Kong tourists were killed in Manila in a bus hijack by an armed … Read More

via Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News


4 Responses to "At least seven killed in hostage crisis (via Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News)"

One day before we were hoping the incident could be resolved among the hostages ,hijacker and the authority peacefully , now everything turn to negative situation and the deceases body would be changed to ash but the authorities still have to pay their full accountability to all the victims for their negligent and inefficiency in this tragedy. May all the victims please rest in peace. God bless……Amituofo……Amituofo…..Amituofo……………………………..

God bless you too..The policemen had admitted the blunders they have made on the hostage crisis. Anyway, nobody wanted to make that incident happen.

In fact your Police Force should have a group of Professional Negotiators to calm the ex-policeman in this situation and agreed whatever conditions he suggested and segregated him from killing the hostage in the critical moment but they failed the opportunity and end up we could only see a lot of Policemen surrounding the tourist bus and resulting the innocent tourists hostages scarified their life after paying their money to visit your country.
Now how could the victim family going to bear the pain of losing their beloved members and how to accept the cruelest fact for their life???
Could you make your explanation to all the people in this World???

Simula ng isang pamilya opt para sa buong paglalakbay, isang prenda, kaya na pamilya ng limang kaliwa dalawang patay, isa kapatid na lalaki at kapatid na babae naulila, Maaari ko bang hilingin u (Ang kapangyarihan ng Pilipinas), Puwede ang lahat ng mga pamilya ng Philippine Police Force tanggapin ang mga pinaka- malupit na nagtatapos ng pamilya sa Trahedya???
Starting a family opt for the whole trip, a hostage, so that family of five left two dead, one brother and sister orphaned ,May I ask u (The authority of Philippine ),Could all the family of the Philippine Police Force accept the most cruel ending of this family in the Tragedy???
請問菲警和你们的家庭成員对此悲惨遭遇的一户人家作何感想和解釋 ???

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