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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Atheists (via NonProphet Status)

Posted on: July 23, 2010

Atheists are not bad people, they may be unbelievers, but some of them are really nice and even better than other people who claim they are son/daughters of God and others who came from different religions..

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Atheists Today’s guest post comes from Tim Brauhn, a Catholic interfaith activist. Tim, who recently finished a year as a Fellow for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s FaithsAct anti-Malaria interfaith initiative, is a lovable weirdo. Tim was once an anti-Atheist schmuck but has since changed his tune. He shares why below: My friend Ahab is an atheist. Note: … Read More

via NonProphet Status


5 Responses to "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Atheists (via NonProphet Status)"

I’m glad you find “some of us” nice and not too scary. I think most people are genuinely surprised to find that morality and faith are completely separable.

Thanks for the appreciation of this post. I got to know an atheist for the first time last year and he became a nice friend for me.. he is maybe unreligious but I can always sense his sincerity as a person. Though I was raised a Catholic, I did try to explore some of the other religion and now I’m already a born again Christian but still curious about the beliefs of other people..

Thanks for your kind reply. I hope you meet more non-believers who are kind, contented, and well-adjusted people. And thank you for being open minded. That says a lot about you as a person! 🙂

Thank you very much for linking to my guest post!

You are very much welcome! I hope to know more people like you, share opinions and interests.

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