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hi! thank you for posting this information. I would like to be sure about this. Your post meant that the ROUTING number 02100021 should be placed as BANK CODE when linking BPI with Paypal instead of the bank code that was released by paypal for BPI? Bankcodes need to be 9 digits, would this mean that we add a 0 as prefix to the routing number?

Hi Len, I forgot to edit this post, but the correct number to be used as a correct routing number is 021000021…for BPI. Yes, you’re should be 9 digits. I hope I did a great help to you. Thank you for dropping by..

Hello, can i ask if have you already tried withdrawing money from PP to BPI? Is it working?

Ah okay, it’s already working since April, 2010. I’m sorry for the late reply. God bless

yes, it’s already working after almost a month of patiently waiting.

hi, i just wanna ask if you were able to withdraw money(paypal) at your BPI account? so this is really the right bank code of BPI: 021000021? and one last question, how many days before you can withdraw the money deposited in paypal? thanks in advance. godbless =)

Yes, that was the correct code and I was able to withdraw the money after waiting for almost a month. God bless u 2. Thanks for asking.

hi sis, thanks for the reply. i have another question(if u don’t mind me asking), you mean even if you already typed the right bank code of BPI which is 021000021, you still waited a month? or what you mean is you waited 1 month to withdraw it because you entered the wrong BPI bank code at first? thanks again sis in advance, sorry if i have so many questions. tnx again =)

i also wanna clarify if your BPI atm account is just the plain BPI or BPI family savings bank? coz i have read other blog and they’re saying that the bank code 021000021 is for BPI family bank? and the code for the regular BPI is 010040018? thanks again..

what did you use to verify? i heard its only doable with a credit card or EON unionbank?

Yes, I used my credit card to make the processing more quick..

Good day. I know this info is so late but I am sure will help a lot to clarify the two 9-digits mentioned here. and some additional info.

@ kaye:

You are right, kaye. The following is the the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number (BRSTN) code for the two BPI banks.

021000021 is the BRSTN code for BPI Family Savings Bank.

010040018 s the BRSTN code for BPI.

Please take note of “BPI Family Savings Bank”. This needs to be the exact words.

For BRSTN code listing, here’s the link:

Re no. of days of transfer:

For PayPal:

1.) 2 to 3 business days after a request for 4-digit code for Verification and to Set the Limit Up in your withdrawal transaction. You need at least P200 in your Debit Card, e.g. Unionbank EON, to verify. Take note that you will have to get or see the 4-digit code from your on-line credit/debit card statement or from your bank statement when it comes.

Better if you enroll on-line with your bank right away. It will take another 2 to 5 days for you to see it in your account’s credit card transaction history.

2.) After you have been Verified, Paypal will withdraw your money to your bank (say, BPI) in 2 to 5 business days. So it wise to do this on Monday. You’ll receive it before the end of the week.

3.) If you’re new to internet banking and transaction like me, you will have to be patient. As niceamie mentioned, be extra careful with the data you are inputing in PayPal and other banks. Paypal will charge P250 per wrong info like account number, codes, etc. Your name in PayPal MUST be exactly the same with the name on your bank account.

4.) If everything I done carefully, your next transaction will be smooth.

5.) If you’re not confident with this, search on the internet like I did. 🙂

I hope this helps. Just my one cent. 🙂

God bless everyone! Thanks niceamie for this blog.

Thank you Alex for the very nice comment and further information. God bless.

Hi, you should update your post as this shows high in google search but you’re giving the wrong information

Thank you for that comment/suggestion(?) What made you think that I am giving the wrong information? It’s my own experience, so how can you say that I was wrong?

I commend this post for being balance. 🙂

Thanks a lot Timothy. God bless. 🙂

Hi, I hope mabasa niyo pa po ito.
I linked my father’s PP to his BPI. Pero ‘di po ako nainform na BPI Family Savings pala ang card na na-open nila. So, ang nailagay kong code is for BPI. Just now, nag-withdraw ako ng pera from his PP to that card, baka hindi magreflect. Sino pong pwede kong contact-in? Thank you for your response po.

Hi Mam, thank you at napansin mo itong post. But I feel sorry that I can’t help you on that. This blog was written almost 8 years ago and I am no longer working as virtual assistant that is why Im no longer using my paypal account. All that I know is BPI is different from BPI Family bank and they have different bank codes. In view of that, I think you can ask someone from the branch where your father opened an account. I hope it would be of great help to you. Thanks and God bless.

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