And They Called Me Amie


Posted on: April 5, 2010

An airplane on its return flight suddenly encountered a turbulence. Oxygen bags started to be dispensed so all the passengers started to panic, except for the little boy who was playing with his PSP. They asked him why he was so calm and not afraid to die.. He answered…”My Dad is the pilot”.. That is TRUST. If JESUS is the PILOT of your life, there is no need to worry even if everything goes wrong….

One day a rich Dad took his son on a trip because he wanted to show to him how poor some people can be. They spent time on the farm of a poor family. On their way home, Dad asked “how’s the trip? Did you see how poor some people can be?” “Yes Dad”..Dad asked “what did you learn? The boy replied, “We have one dog, they have four. We have a pool, they have an endless creek. At night, we have fancy lanterns, they have the stars. We buy food, they grow theirs. We have walls for protection, they have friends. Dad, you showed me how poor we are.”

An Antichrist couple had a son. They never introduced nor mentioned God to their son. One day the couple was killed in front of him. Their neighbor adopted the child and enrolled him in a Christian school. They told the teacher that the boy didn’t know anything about God. During class, the teacher showed a picture of Jesus and asked “who among you knows this man?” The child raised his hand, the teacher was shocked. The child answered “He was the man holding me tight when my parents died.”


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