And They Called Me Amie

False Dream

Posted on: April 5, 2010

Wouldn’t you feel upset whenever your sweet dreams are ruined by waking up? One night when I was in my deep slumber..I was very conscious (or is it my subconscious mind?) enjoying the most precious time doing everything that I’m longing to do. I was in make believe world , no pressures, no stress, all things are beautiful, nice people around, cleanest environment, free from hatred heart, satisfying job.. everything is perfect. It seems that I don’t want to wake up anymore from this dream, but it’s only a dream ( as told by my subconscious mind).. But then, suddenly I was awakened by a loud noise, toink.. back to reality… I guess that’s how life tells us to wake up from false beliefs and move on everyday to save us from hurting ourselves.. and learn to accept the fact that there are things in life that can never be changed anymore..


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