And They Called Me Amie

The Past 100 Days of My Life

Posted on: July 25, 2009

After being silent for quite some time, I found myself again writing another blog on what had transpired during the past 100 days of my life..Well, these are typical busy days of my busy life..But somehow, there were extraordinary occurrence of something which up to now confuses my mind. Looking back, the first few days were full of wild unexpectations and I called very exceptional and strange in the sense that it happened for the first time in my entire existence in this complicated world. With a touch of complicity, I did find myself indulged in a “too good to be true” friendship in the web that developed by the flooding of endless chat messages whether online or offline and some invitations in different social websites…Little did I realize that this will bring myself emotional complexities…It hurts a lot when you assume of something which later turned out to be untrue and it hurts you more if you feel and found out that you have been a fool..when you finally come to your senses and realized how stupid you have become..There were lessons learned the hard way..never make a decision when you are angry and never make promises when you are happy.. The last few days are the times to weigh things out .. eventually the hard feelings will be gone and the resentment will be finally thrown into the trash..But anyway there are still a lot of more important things to be thankful for during the past 100 days .. I still have my loving family beside me and a circle of true friends around me..and of course I have been blessed with another job which is very well compensating .. and most of all I have my strong faith with God, the Father almighty..


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