And They Called Me Amie

Burn Out

Posted on: July 25, 2009

How would you react if having been working for almost a decade in a company, you still feel unappreciated despite the stress and pressures you have been experiencing? I have been in the company for almost 9 years.. the first few years were full of fun and challenges because it was a totally different job for me since it’s not related from my course in college.. but somehow i have learned the job easily because I’m a dedicated person when it comes to career and have learned to love it since I have helped a lot of people. But of course, there are times that I feel bored and exhausted due to stress..I am a graduate of Accountancy, and had shared my knowledge with some financing companies before, perhaps, I’m just missing my passion, to do again the debit and credit transaction, journalize entries, preparing financial statements, balance sheets, etc, etc..and this job that is burning me out is medical related (not really my field of expertise) and sad to say, it’s not fairly compensating, or maybe because I’ve got a more new challenging job as a virtual assistant and have been moonlighting for already three months todate which at first was only intended to be on a part time basis but eventually engaged myself on a fulltime shift in the grave hours of the night. I’m now in the dilemna on whether I should resign from my long time job or not. I’m also worried on my health because of too much stress..and most of all I was deprived of my time to attend fellowship every Sunday since I’m being obliged to work even on that day. But it’s up to the Lord for Him to guide me on all my decisions and He knows what is best for me
since He knows the real desire of my heart.


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