And They Called Me Amie

The Vanishing Chivalry

Posted on: June 23, 2009

I was not used to be being observant before, but this afternoon after visiting my mother in my hometown, I rode on a bus to go home.. Unfortunately the bus was already full of passengers and some of them are standing.. I said to myself “bahala na” because it’s already getting dark and I all I wanted was to get home to prepare dinner for my family. And I found myself standing holding a grip in one of the back seat, I manage myself not to be pushed everytime the bus was loading and unloading passenger.. I got annoyed and irrititated, the driver should no longer pick up passengers since the bus is already full…and upon gazing up to the people standing like a queue at the aisle, I noticed that most of us were ladies and alas , most of the passengers that were very lucky to occupy a comfortable seat were men .. and the sight pissed me off especially that they were all pretending not seeing the ladies standing. .some are perhaps pretending to be in deep slumber, some are using their cellphone maybe texting or playing games, they just simply making “deadma” to us…me and my big mouth..i was not able to control myself as I uttered in a not so loud voice to the woman standing next to me, “di na pala uso ngayon ang boy scout” ..where are the Filipino values nowadays? It’s a sad thing that it’s already vanishing..from generation to the next generation..I hope I’m wrong..


1 Response to "The Vanishing Chivalry"

I am reminded of a different experience when I was still working in Makati. Pinaupo ko yung ale and then instead of thank you she said, "That's not fair. What about you?"It turns out she was a feminist.

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